About Us

Welcome !!
Thank you for your visiting, Here you will find many delightful handmade creations and unique custom product.

★Our Story
Some things do not do now, will never do in their lifetime.
Hello everyone, we are a team of 4 people, we are Gerrard, Shirley, Jack and Ivy.
Shirley, Jack and I used to be college friends. At that time Jack came to the United States to study, the three of us because we all like handmade and quirky design things, so we often go to flea markets together, gradually we became close friends, even after graduation we often keep in touch.
In the beginning, I had an idea to sell handmade items on Etsy. However, I needed some assistance and cooperation. So, I contacted Shirley and Jack right away and we were on the same page about my idea! The next thing we knew, we were talking and communicating about how we needed to proceed.
After more than 3 month, we were generally sure of our direction. First we will start with wood products because that's what we are good at, and Shirley will take the lead in designing some trinkets for women and the pattern design of the products. Then we will slowly expand our product offerings and also take on custom designs.

Through a period of time, we have now finally added our personal website store, and we will continue to work hard to run our Studio next!

★Our Products
All of our products are made or improved by our own hands, you won't get the exact same thing anywhere else but our studio!

★Our Aspirations
Make Personalized Things Just Belong To You.